What is Creativity in Genetics?

Dr. Reid, a genetic scientist, biologist, and professor at Meredith College and the in-house content guru of Creativity in Genetics explains:

“Everyone is creative in their way. When you solve problems, you are creative. Information may be stored in your brain that you use as a resource to help, but you decide what to use, how to apply the knowledge you have and determine the answer. If 20 other students find the same solution; how they got it is somewhat different. To be creative with a difficult topic such as genetics, you need a solid foundation in the subject and ideas that will help you develop a new way of connecting these concepts.”

The following quotes came from an article by Demian Farnworth on the copyblogger as he tries to explain creativity in “What is Creativity? 21 Authentic Definitions You’ll Love.” The two below enhance Dr.Reid’s explanation.

“Seeing patterns that others don’t and effectively communicating them.”

David Meerman Scott, author of over eight books published in over 30 languages

 “Interpreting something you saw or experienced and processing it, so it comes out different than it went in.”

Henry Rollins, an author, and spoken-word artist

Read any scientific journal with discoveries, the word creativity is in the title of the article. Scientists believe they are creative through understanding and new ways of thinking. How else could they come up with these astounding developments? The creative gene, still not found cannot be proven. The truth is, an openness to try new things and intelligence link to creativity but much more still needs to be accredited to the process.

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