Biology and Society

Ethical issues related to the study of biology 


Teachers: each scenario has an attached PowerPoint containing the situation and an in-class group assignment. 

  • For best results convert to Slides in Google Doc and share with the class.
    • Go to share settings and choose anyone with the link can edit.
    • Send the link to the class.
    • As students work on different questions, you will be able to see their progress. 
    • Students will be able to present from your copy of the Slides.
    • Everyone will have a copy of the slides to study from.
    • You will have a copy to grade.
    • Once complete change anyone can edit to anyone can view.

Learners: Each scenario has a selection of questions that you can use to make a great project. 

  • Use reliable resources and remember to add them to your paper and/or presentation.
  • Make use of current scientific journals in your local college library.
  • Justify your answers with credible sources.